Numerological Calculations
Numerological Values
1   -   Represents people who are creative, initiators, dynamic, ambitious, leaders, with determination, motivation and good perception. Sincere people, pay attention to details. Do not like to take orders, individualistic, with strong confidence. Have a tendency to dominance.
2   -   Represents people who are peacemakers, sensitive, love to please, they hate arguments, tend to mediate complex and sensitive situations. Diplomats, with high intuition. Need love, warmth and touch. Quiet and friendly.
3   -   Represents lucky people, emotional, creative, cordial with pleasant personality, optimistic, talented, friendly, love people, with charisma, good sense of humor, use imagination. Do not care orders, frames, rules and therefore may be scattered. Young forever. Good friends and appreciate honesty.
4   -   Represents people who are of land and soil types, stable, balanced, realistic and practical, persistent, with high self-discipline, working people, pay attention to detail.
5   -   Represents people who are impulsive, instinctive, like changes, dynamic, need freedom and space with unconventional personality. Able to do several things at once, adaptive, charismatic and acceptable in society. Have a sense of distinction and sense of criticism. Like freedom and tend to lack a sense of time.
6   -   Represents a family people, love harmony, giving, good, noble, concern for others is their top priority. Talented and creative with a tendency to perfection.
7   -   Represents a spiritual people, loners, need quiet. Very intelligent and capable of unconventional approach. Work by intuition. Refined, shy and polite. Like privacy, connect slowly, loyal and stable. Lovers of music and art.
8   -   Represents decent people with a sense of justice, lovers of justice and honesty, philanthropists and believe in equality. Practical, Like home but also work. A little shy, with lots of energy. Their negative side is the need to prove themselves. Afraid of failure and will do everything to succeed, May be overly ambitious.
9   -   Represents people with high verbal expression, understanding and intuition gifted, charismatic and kindhearted. Have a tendency to innovate, dynamic, supportive and understanding. Often they think about others and not about themselves. They are kind, sympathetic, generous, support and help, direct, with confidence. They may be too stubborn and dominance.